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What is an APK file?

An APK file is the extension for the Android application file. It is the equivalent of .exe file for Windows and an .ipa file for an iOS app.

Alike the Omate TrueSmart, the Omate Rise is a very unique type of smartwatch that can play Android apps, you can install any of the hundred thousand Android apps from the Google Play Store but not all of them will work properly as they are firstly aimed to to work on Android smartphones and tablets. The Omate Rise runs with a round display which brings even more challenges. The beta test period will allow us to upgrade the firmware multiple times to build the International Ostore.

That’s why we are working through a beta test period until we launch the international version of the Ostore. Please let us know the apps you want us to install after you tested them.


Why is the Omate Rise a Smartwatch 3.0?

In 2013, Omate’s first product the Omate TrueSmart set up the standard of the Smartwatch 2.0 (Standalone smartwatch connected to the telecom network) in order to dissociate it from the Smartwatch 1.0: companion smartwatch connected by Bluetooth to a master device.

The TrueSmart did not need to be tethered to a smartphone to become smart. The TrueSmart was truly independent via WiFi or 3G and could push information on its own.

The Omate Rise is part of a new generation of smartwatches called Smartwatch 3.0 as it can be used as both a Bluetooth companion or as a standalone device via WiFi or 3G.

You can use your Rise as a companion using the Olink app to push notifications from your smartphone. Olink Android is beta now and the Olink iOS will be released hopefully in the next few weeks once Apple releases it (under review now).

For the standalone part, you can use your Rise by connecting it to WiFi or to the telecom network by inserting a 3G nano SIM card into the tray located behind the back plate compartment.

How to write with the Rise keyboard?

The Omate Rise’s keyboard is aimed to be used for basic tasks and quick reply (in standalone mode only: please note that most of the time you will look like a lazy teenager in replies)

To enter your login/password (e.g: WiFi password) or in some apps, the round display cannot show all the text so the hack is the following:

1)   Open Olink Android app

2)   Click on your Rise display where you need to input that impossible password or email login

3)   Check your Android smartphone, Olink should have opened your keyboard on your Android smartphone

4)   Input your text from your smartphone keyboard and send your text to your Rise.

How to activate the 3G data in the Rise?

Go to the command center: it is the page with 7 icons. To access it from the watchface, slide up to down, then from the battery / date page, slide right to left two times (after the weather) and here you go.

Make sure the up and down arrows icon is highlighted.

Please remove the PIN code of your SIM card in your smartphone settings then insert it in your Omate Rise and it should work.

We do not support PIN code in the latest firmware.

How to copy files to the Omate Rise?

Connect your Rise to its USB Ocharger cradle (make sure you set it right: pin to pin) then connect the cable via the male USB connector to your laptop female USB connector and here you go. The Rise Oharger is a charging / data cable. It charges your Rise and you can share data (music, photos, APKs… etc)

You can create a new folder in the Rise and export / import files accordingly.

How to use the Omate HRM with the Omate Rise?

The Omate Heart Rate Monitor is the most accurate technology to monitor your heart rate.

1)   Download the Nordic app:

2)   Install the Nordic HRM apk file into your Rise via the Ocharger connected to your laptop.

3)   Wear the HRM on your chest and make sure the electro pads are touching your skin

4)   Open the Nordic app and click on HRM

5)   Pair your Rise via Bluetooth to your HRM

6)   Check your Heart Rate

Please note that you can also use the Omate HRM with your Android smartphone or with your iPhone by downloading the app in your smartphone.

How to set the Weather city?

You must pair your Rise to the Olink Android app then from the Olink app, select the Weather Manager and insert the city you want.

TMR: Tomorrow

DAT: Day After Tomorrow

Are the bands of the Omate Rise replaceable?

Yes, you can buy any standard 22mm straps from the retail, any brand, any style you want. That’s part of the breakthrough the Omate Rise offers because the antennas are printed into the case

Is the Omate Rise waterproof?

No the Omate Rise is only 1 ATM certified, that means it is suitable for everyday use. It is simply splash/rain resistant. It is not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, water related work and fishing.

Water damages are not covered by the warranty.

For more information, check the following Water Resistant Mark:

What are the T&C for the Backers of the Omate Rise?

As mentioned during the campaign, we do offer our backers the same Terms and Conditions as our preorder customers.

Can I change the language of the watch?

Yes, several languages are available and the list will be updated.

What connectivity does it have?

The watch has Wi-Fi, GPS, 2G,3G and Bluetooth LE 4.1.

What are the first things I need to do?

First thing to do when you get your Rise is 1) charge it; 2) connect it to the WiFi and 3) update the Firmware.

Thanks for being part of our community of users. The Rise is not yet available in the retail so yes you are awesome as you own the most advanced Smartwatch 3.0 to date.

The beta test period will be held for several months; in the meantime, we will post multiple tutorials through our social media channels; your feedback is key for us to fine tune the International version of the Ostore.

Video Tutorials Omate Rise:

How can I push notifications from my smartphone?

You will need to download our Olink apk to push the notifications on your smartphone.

The Omate Rise only supports iPhone (iOS7 and above) and Android smartphones (Android 4.4 and above)

We only support push notifications through these apps for the time being, all the other options are beta and will be either updated or removed after the beta test period:

Companion Apps / Beta Versions:

l  Play Store:

l  Apple Store:

Can I run Android apps on it?

Yes, most of the Android apps work smoothly on the Rise

Will the Google Services be pre-installed on the watch?

None of the Google Services apps will be pre-installed on the watch.

How to remove the PIN code of my nano SIM card?

1/ Insert the nano SIM in your smartphone.

2/ Go to SettingsparameterssecuritySIM management.

3/ Select unlock PIN. Done.

4/ Take the SIM out of your smartphone and insert it into the Rise.

How to install an application into the Omate Rise?

The Ostore is only for Android smartphone owners. For the time being, we only support Chinese apps but you can download any Android APK (Android app file) from the Google Play Store and install it into your Rise.

Android apps are aimed to work on Android smartphones and tablets, not on a round display like the Rise therefore from the millions of apps available, some of them will simply not work properly on the Rise. Some of them will work and that’s the reason your feedback is key.

After the beta test period, we will add the best apps into the Ostore. Our plan is to open the Ostore in September 2016.


1) Select the URL from the Google Play app you want to test.

2) go on

3) paste the Google Play link of an app into

4) download / extract the apk.file / copy it.

5) paste it anywhere the Rise connected via the Ocharger cradle to your laptop.

6) install the APK via the File Manager / APK of your Rise.

7) your app is now visible in your Rise and ready to be tested.

8) share your feedback about that app in our social media channels.

Please note that we will be “beta test period” for the next few months. The Rise is not a product you can find in the retail market; it’s an exclusivity for the moment. The feedback from the community of backers will allow us to upgrade the firmware multiple times to and build the International Ostore.

IMPORTANT: you can literally install any Android app from the Google Play Store into the Rise; that’s exactly what you can’t do with an Android Wear smartwatch or an Apple Watch. However, over the hundred thousand apps you can browse in the Google Play Store not all of them are either relevant or functional with a full round display. Some of the apps you may install will not run at all but some of them will run properly; Omate is not responsible for 3rd party applications which could damage your Omate Rise. The device is delivered clean of any app so please treat it well.

Does the watch have an activity tracker?

Yes the Rise can be used anywhere. The 3G band changes depending on the country. The 1900MHz band is for North America (+ some Central/South America countries) and the 2100MHz band is for the rest of the world.

What about the music?

You can download some music and listen to it without having any phone around using the watch speakers or Bluetooth headset.

Does it have a camera?