The World’s First Wearable Powered by a Software SIM 4G LTE Data Plan

Wearable-as-a-Service to communicate with your kids and keep them safe anytime and anywhere

Introducing the Omate O6L Pro and O6L Lite

The Omate O6L Pro and O6L Lite are available now on exclusively in the United States

Wearable-as-a-Service to communicate with your kids and keep them safe anytime anywhere

What sets the Omate O6L Pro apart from other children’s smartwatches are the unlimited free prepaid data services for 3 years and the extra security layer provided by its Virtual SIM private network powered by SIMO.

It means that parents can keep track of and in touch with their kids in real-time, but no data on the network can be intercepted by unscrupulous individuals.

No SIM Card, No Credit Card, No String, No Extra Fee, No Subscription!
The Omate Service is FREE and UNLIMITED for 3 years!!!

O6L Lite: Unlimited Messages from Watch to App

O6L Pro: Unlimited Voice and Video Call (VoIP) and Messages from Watch to App

Software SIM – Unlimited 4G LTE

Data Plan for 3 years

The Omate O6L Pro is a low power 4G standalone smartwatch and GPS tracker packaged in a robust IP67 certified body.

The O6L Pro smartwatch can last up to two days on a single charge and triangulates location using GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, for a more accurate positioning.

  • Free Unlimited 4G / LTE Data Services for 3 years for Video Call / Voice Call / Messages / GPS tracking via the Omate Kid App (iOS and Android)
  • Free Unlimited Location Based Services to locate the watch and SOS Alert from the watch
  • 2 Days Battery Life
  • Front selfie camera for photo sharing and video calls
  • Step counter
  • Two colors: Black and Purple (+ nanoblock bands limited edition)
  • User Manual

Omate has established end-to-end encryption protocol through the whole communication chain to ensure top-notch cyber security level.

With the Omate O6L Pro smartwatch you can connect with your kids anytime, anywhere.

Children can easily send voice messages and launch video calls with you for FREE.