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Equipping Your Elderly Loved Ones with a Smartwatch

Keeping in touch with elderly relatives is not always easy, especially when they are isolated or living far from us. We tend to worry about them, to wonder where they are and if they are okay. So many reasons to equip them with a smartwatch for seniors.


The smart watch for seniors: what for and for what uses?

Did you think that the smartwatch is reserved for geek or sports aficionados? Think again! Some models are specially designed for the elderly. In particular, these provide reassurance as to the health and safety of their user and peace of mind to their family members.

The "Mother" of the standalone smartwatches is the Omate TrueSmart that we designed back in 2013. Since then, many new verticals have emerged including Kids, Lone Workers and Seniors.

Depending on the person's level of autonomy, certain functions are more or less useful: geolocation, emergency calls, fall detections etc... The advantage of the standalone smartwatch compared to the Bluetooth connected smartwatch is that it makes it possible to connect to a service anytime, anywhere without being tethered to a smartphone. Thus, some seniors who are reluctant to new technologies but attached to wearing a watch will no doubt more easily accept to opt for a a standalone smartwatch.

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