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– Why am I not able to use Video Call and Call functions?

[Omate]: This issue is linked to the ability of the watch to connect to the server and therefore to the telecom network, first make sure the watch has a strong connection to the 4G network. If the watch gets disconnected from the telecom network, it requires 5min of reconnection to link to the server again.

If the watch loses connection with the server (usually linked to a loss of network connection) you may not be able to contact the watch and there will be a 5min gap to reconnect . You can try 5min later once you have a good connection hence WiFi connection indoor is the best option to avoid that 

  • How can I improve the connectivity at home?

[Omate]: Remember the watch is aimed to be used outdoor when kids are out of reach. When indoor, at home, we suggest you to connect the watch to the home WiFi, Admin can do it via the OMATE KID App / Settings / Wi-Fi / + / Enter exact Wi-Fi name / Enter exact Wi-Fi password / OK then the app will share the information to the watch

  • Can the watch receive voice call? Is there any restriction in terms of duration for each call?

[Omate]: Not via the embedded VSIM software, the watch can get calls from traditional numbers only if you insert a SIM card, as for the VSIM embedded solution it is exclusively restricted to approved contacts via the OMATE KID App admin, that makes it an IoT watch that only works through Internet Data Network. The call feature (both Voice and Video) is only processed as a VoIP so through data to the OMATE KID App only. That’s a security feature to avoid strangers to call the watch and the length of each call is limited to 3min max and 10min between two calls. The O6L Pro cannot call phone numbers however it can receive phone calls and SMS if you insert a local nano SIM card into the watch then there is no limited lenght.

  • What will happen at the termination of the 3 years unlimited services?

[Omate]: After the 3 years VSIM free services offered by Omate, you can either insert a nano SIM card from a local network provider (such as AT&T and T-mobile) and subscribe to their plan or buy a yearly VSIM subscription plan from Omate. You are free to use any service you want. There is no string attached to our VSIM data plan. You can already insert a nano SIM card into the watch if you want, that will allow you to contact the watch via SMS through the messaging feature of the watch but the watch can only communicate via the OMATE KID app to guarantee the security of our platform.

  • Can the watch receive SMS from any number or is it restricted to a list?

[Omate]: Yes SMS and phone calls are allowed but only incoming calls/SMS if you insert a traditional nano SIM card. Restriction only apply to VSIM. Parents can decide to insert a Nano SIM card if they want to pay for a local telco to have a phone number attached to it then data will also go through the nano SIM card account therefore it must be provisioned.

  • Why voice and video calls are restricted to 3 minutes each?

[Omate]: Video and voice calls are limited for multiple reasons, first to avoid kids to abuse using that feature, to save battery life, to avoid over-heating etc… the only restrictions are the following: 3min max length per call / 10min between each call.

  • Can I insert a nano SIM card to just call and text the watch?

[Omate]: Yes there are two different communication streams in the watch. There’s the embedded VSIM solution which provides strictly data over the Internet via GSM connection to the strongest carrier in the range of the watch (using either AT&T or T-mobile network infrastructure) but no traditional phone or SMS support out-of-the-box. All voice, video, messaging, and location information go through the VSIM connection as a Voice/Data over Internet Protocol (VoIP). That’s included for 3 years as part of the watch package. It’s that VoIP data plan It’s unlimited 3 minute voice or video calls every 10 minutes, unlimited texting from OMATE KID app to watch and vice versa, and unlimited location pings from the app.

If one of the family does not want to use the OMATE KID App then the only way is to insert a nano SIM card (from AT&T or T-mobile) with a voice and data plan to unlock the phone line and SMS features and you will have to subscribe from a local carrier.

  • How can I continue a conversation after the 3min call?

[Omate]: You can’t make another voice / video call for the next 10 minutes but in the meantime you can text each other via the OMATE KID app and the watch. The goal is not to have lengthy conversation with your kid over that watch, it’s more about short talk.

  • Do the app voice and video calls retain the same 3 minute limit when the data traffic is going through the purchased nanoSIM?

[Omate]: Yes, that’s a system constraint for both VSIM and real physical GSM nano SIM cards that are inserted into the device.

  • Is there any process for two Omate O6L PRO watches to talk or video to each other?

[Omate]: No, we have the technologies to do so but we want to focus on parents / kids interaction only rather than making it a distractive device so kids cannot use it to chat with friends etc… We follow a less is more approach. This is strictly a “parent to child” type device, not a “kid to kid walkie talkie” device.

  • Can the watch share a picture or record video to the Omate Kid app or just use the camera for video calling?

[Omate]: Kids can share a picture (not a video) to a contact via the Messaging app of the watch. That picture will be sent to the OMATE KID app of the selected contact.

  • Is there any emergency support?

[Omate]: Yes, the kid can trigger a SOS via the red button (long press 3sec) then the watch will record a 30 seconds audio along with the GPS location to the OMATE KID app message section of the admin and the followers.

  • How to share the QR code to a family member

[Omate]: Only the Admin can share the QR code (Settings / About Watch) so the followers can scan the QR code via the OMATE KID app and follow the watch with restricted features compared to Admin.

  • International Shipping: To which countries does Omate ship?

[Omate]: Omate ships to over 100 countries all over the world. Shipping cost is determined by the weight & size dimensions of your purchased items, the distance between our warehouse in China and your shipping address. Some of our products only sell to specific countries so check on the shop to see if we can ship to your country. e.g: O6L Pro only ships to the USA and Mexico.

  • Delivery Time Estimates: How long will it take for my package to arrive?

[Omate]: The time it takes to receive your parcel depends on the country you live in, it usually takes between 10 and 20 days from the tracking number information provided via email by our Support Team. As part of our beta testers, preorder customers are the very first people in the World to receive our products; the preorders are divided between Super Early Birds (Day 1 of introduction) and Early Birds (until the end of the Preorder campaign). The preorders exclusively target our Developer Community. Therefore some of the features will not be embedded by default in the preordered units and maybe pushed via Firmware updates several months after reception.

  • Duty/VAT/import costs:

[Omate]: Customers are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order.
Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. Customs, duty, and taxes are non-refundable: so if you refuse a shipment because of unexpected import fees, the cost of the original shipping, any brokerage/customs/duty/taxes, and any return shipping charges will not be refunded.

Customers are also solely responsible to any duties, import taxes and brokerage fees imputable to repaired merchandise (the taxation if any will be on replacement parts and labour and transportation)

  • Shipment Confirmation & Tracking: How will I know when my order ships & can I track my package online?

[Omate]: As soon as our warehouse ships your order, we will send you an email notifying you that your package is en route. In this email we will include a tracking number from the logistic service provider.

In the following situations:

–       parcel is refused at delivery by the customer and sent back to us;

–       parcel stuck at custom clearance and sent back to us because of a lack of answer from the customer;

–       parcel sent back to us if customer failed to claim their parcel after delivery attempt and non-delivery notice

the customer will have to pay additional shipping fees so we can ship the parcel a second time. 

  • Will you mark my package as a gift so that I can avoid duty/VAT/import costs in my country?

[Omate]: We are sorry but we cannot mark your package as a gift since this is unlawful to your own country.

In case you are contacted by the customs, please send an e-mail to with your tracking number info.