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7 Key Steps:

Initial Setup of the Omate O6L Pro and Omate Kid App.

First of all, read the User Manual, trust me it’s quick and super useful


1) Download the Omate Kid App and set up your Admin account (parents) to communicate with the O6L Pro watch (Kid)

– iOS:

– Android:

2) Charge the watch up to 100% through the magnetic USB charger. You can charge it via either your smartphone adaptor or your laptop USB port.

3) Turn on the watch and wait a few minutes for the watch to connect to the VSIM network. (Make sure you have a good 4G network connection) remember the watch is mainly aimed to be used outdoor.

4) Once you see a QR code appearing on the display of the watch, scan it from the Omate Kid app: Add Watch / Scan

5) Setup the profile of your child: First Name / Profile Photo…

6) Connect the watch to your home WiFi via the Omate Kid app: Settings / Wi-Fi / + then input your accurate Wi-Fi name and password, the server will share it to the watch of your child via the 4G network then the watch will use your Wi-Fi and will automatically connect to it once your child is at home.

If the watch loses connection with the server (usually linked to a loss of network connection) you may not be able to contact the watch and there will be a 5min gap to reconnect . You can try 5min later once you have a good connection hence WiFi connection indoor is the best option to avoid that 

7) Share the QR code of the watch of your child to other family members (Wife / Husband / Siblings / Grand Parents…) you want your child to interact with via the Omate Kid App so first they will also have to setup their own profile on the Omate Kid app then go to Settings / About Watch / and ask them to scan the QR just like you did on the Omate O6L Pro watch in Step 4). NB: Please note that the follower will have less options than you as the Admin.

8) Have fun and if any problem, please contact 

Reminder / Useful Links:

User Manual:

Omate Kid App: iOS: