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ICE RING: The new Omate smart health ring integrates best-in-class sensors to measure health indicators, available now in exclusivity with Ice-Watch in Europe.

Introducing the ICE RING, a revolutionary smart health ring to empower personal wellness available now at Louis Pion and jewelry shops all across Europe.

The ICE RING is a stylish and sophisticated wearable device that seamlessly integrates advanced health monitoring features into a sleek and compact design. Eight years after the Omate x Ungaro smart ring, Omate comes back with the ICE RING, a new wearable design with state-of-the-art sensors and comprehensive monitoring apps.

The ICE RING provides users with real-time insights and personalized feedback on their vital health metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Health Monitoring: The ICE RING monitors vital health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, activity and stress levels, providing users with a holistic view of their well-being.
The ICE RING can also remind you to engage in physical activity and get medical assistance based on your personalized settings such as reminder to move and heart rate level alert.

Sleep Analysis: With advanced sleep analysis capabilities, the ICE RING tracks the 4 sleep stages (Awake / Deep / Light / REM), providing users with actionable insights to improve their sleep quality and overall restfulness.
The ring provides a sleep quality score every morning according to the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) that considers both the duration of the sleep and the quality of the recovery as well as key biometrics from user’s health data, helping you set achievable goals and make positive lifestyle changes.

Fitness Center: Track your biometric data with real-time information to keep you informed about your performances when you are running, hiking, cycling, swimming. You can also use GPS through the ICE RING app to record your map and distances. Data are only stored locally in your phone. The ICE RING does not collect any health and location data.

Stylish Design: Technology is what you carry, fashion is what you wear. The ICE RING features a sleek and fashionable design, made of titanium. It is available in 6 sizes and 3 colors (Gold, Silver and Space Black) to suit individual preferences.

By analyzing different metrics, the ICE RING offers personalized suggestions for improving sleep, managing stress, and optimizing daily routines.
All these valuable information are easily accessible via the ICE RING app, allowing users to take control of their health and lifestyle choices.