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We are “born connected” telecom hardware engineers, software developers and mechanical designers.


We design wearables and IoT products for people in need of protection like kids, senior citizens and lone workers.


Omate is a 500startups backed company operating in the heart of the “Chinese Silicon Valley” in the Hi-Tech Park of Shenzhen with support offices in Mountain View – CA and Hong Kong.

Our mission is to save lives through our Wearable-as-a-Service solutions connected over the telecom network.

“The Omate Wherecom S3 is a senior smartwatch with an SOS button to keep your grandparents safe.” Dan Graziano

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“Omate, the company behind the K3 smartwatch for kids, is now turning its attention to the other end of the age spectrum with the Wherecom S3 smartwatch.” Michael Sawh

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“Omate's kids smartwatch does 3G calls and reliable tracking. It'll even be offered by mobile operators and insurance companies.” Richard Lai

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Android Community

“This Omate S3 is ideal for the elder generation because of the simple and easy to use design.” Rei Padla

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“This Smartwatch For The Elderly Has A Bunch Of Safety Features. The Omate S3 can last up to two days on a single charge and triangulates a location using GPS, 3G GSM mobile networks and Wi-Fi hotspots.” Rae Johnston

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British Telecom

“Meet the Omate S3 - a smartwatch that wants to keep elderly people safe. Omate’s new smartwatch is built specifically for seniors and comes with built-in GPS and 3G.”

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Daily Mail

“Omate 'SOS smartwatch' for the elderly lets them call for help at the touch of a screen - and lets their family track them.” Stacy Liberatore

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“When it comes to smartwatches and wearable tech, Omate is a company that has some experience in that field.” Tyler Lee

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Tom's Guide

“Omate Smartwatch Tracks Kids and Makes SOS Calls. Plus, this Android Wear-powered wearable is pretty cute.” Anna Attkisson

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Omate Rise front video