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“Omate’s kids smartwatch does 3G calls and reliable tracking. It’ll even be offered by mobile operators and insurance companies.”
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“The Omate S3 is a senior smartwatch with an SOS button to keep your grandparents safe.”
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“Omate, the company behind the K3 smartwatch for kids, is now turning its attention to the other end of the age spectrum with the S3 smartwatch.”
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Omate designs and manufactures smart IoT and wearables. We have created an entire ecosystem of innovative products and services. Our mission is to improve digital lifestyles through smart wearables and mobile-only solutions...

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10 Benefits of a Smartwatch for Health
When we launched the Omate TrueSmart in 2013, we had a vision about Sport Watch to be fully connected to the Telecom Network. We did not know the TrueSmart will become the "Mother" of all types of differents verticals at Omate several years later. Today, we serve people who need protection such as Kids, Seniors and Lone Workers and overall Protection is linked to Health.
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How a Heart Rate Monitor Can Save Your Life
What if a wearable could save your life? The wearable market is becoming increasingly medicalized, offering you new services and new features to protect your health. Some smartwatches are now capable of recording electrocardiograms and the data can be shared with a professional medical service provider who can detect you are facing a critical condition.
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Senior Smartwatch Powered by Omate
Keeping in touch with elderly relatives is not always easy, especially when they are isolated or living far from us. We tend to worry about them, to wonder where they are and if they are okay. So many reasons to equip them with a smartwatch for seniors.
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